Can an apartment in Batumi be bought without physically being present in the city?


Georgia’s Black Sea city of Batumi is quickly becoming a well-liked vacation spot and a center for real estate investments. The city attracts visitors and home purchasers due to its distinctive combination of modern infrastructure, old architecture, and picturesque beaches.

With the development of technology and the internet, buying real estate remotely, especially flats in Batumi, has become increasingly possible. But is doing so a good idea? Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of buying an apartment in Batumi without being in person.


Convenience: Searching for and purchasing an apartment remotely can be done online, saving time and effort.

Access to a larger selection of properties: When purchasing online, customers have more options, which improves their chances of finding the ideal flat.

Cost Savings: By avoiding traveling to the city to complete the flat purchase, money can be saved on lodging and travel costs.


Absence of a physical inspection: Buying an apartment without actually seeing it can be problematic because it can be challenging to verify the condition of the building and spot any flaws or problems that might not be obvious from pictures.

Legal Compliance: Before buying the property, confirming that all documentation and legal requirements are in order is crucial. This might not be easy to perform remotely.

Issues with Trust: Since the buyer is not physically present, they must trust the seller’s honesty and integrity, which can be challenging to confirm.


For people who cannot physically visit the city, purchasing an apartment remotely in Batumi can be a good alternative, but it takes careful planning and study. Buyers must take the required steps to ensure that the property they buy satisfies their needs and complies with the law. As a result, it is advised to use the services of a trustworthy real estate agent or attorney who can help with the procedure and offer advice on legal and regulatory requirements.

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