Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand how crucial it is to safeguard the personal data you enter on websites run by or under the control of Batumi Real Estate ( One of the websites owned by has published its own “privacy policies” and “terms of usage.” For the remaining websites run by, we uphold the following privacy guidelines:

1. To conduct your transactions, satisfy your requests, and preserve our membership records, collects the following kinds of information:

Providing contact information (for example, your personal and business addresses, phone and fax numbers, firm affiliations and titles).
Tracking data that our Web server recognizes automatically each time you visit one of our sites or send us an email (for example, your domain name, email address, and what pages you visit).
Your location data is used by the mobile applications of By adjusting your preferences in your device’s location services preferences menu or your choices regarding the use of Bluetooth and other network interfaces you may use to interact with’s mobile applications, you can control or limit the location data collected through mobile applications.
Volunteered information provided in applications or surveys (for example, education, designations, specialties, affiliations with other real estate organizations, and general demographic data).

2. makes use of this data to

Enhance and personalize the information and design of our websites and other communication tools, such as the online and print versions of REALTOR® Magazine.
Inform you of website updates.
Inform you of pertinent goods and services.
Inform you about upcoming activities and plans.
Create specialist directories that will be made known to you.
Observe how our websites and mobile applications are used.
Assist connected Institutes, Societies, and Councils, as well as local and state REALTOR® associations, in keeping track of their memberships and using them for those as mentioned above and other related objectives.
3. Email addresses for contact. Except for the staff and leadership email addresses of state and local associations that may be featured in the membership directories accessible on, does not distribute, sell, or trade email addresses. Your email address may be used by to send you information directly, as well as other communications to which you have subscribed, as well as approved online informational or marketing messages.

4. Additional methods of contact. The membership directories on may contain contact information other than an email address, such as a street address. However, will not share, sell, or otherwise make this information about you available to third parties unless necessary for the following purposes:

Other suppliers with the express intention of reaching out to specific member groups via marketing channels authorized by
Whenever necessary to comply with a legal obligation, a legitimate court order, or to ensure the general public or member safety.
When third parties sponsor promotions or contests on our websites, some or all of the information gathered during those events may be given to the sponsor for the specific objective of the sponsor’s one-time marketing follow-up. Prior to participating in the promotion or contest, you will be informed if information about you will be shared with a sponsor. At that point, you can choose whether or not to participate.
5. Credit information you and credit authorizers supply when you use the Electronic Commerce Network to pay for goods, fees, or other services will only be used to complete the transactions you request. Reputable credit reporting databases will receive and keep this information, but it will never be sold, shared, or given to other third parties.

6. complies with industry standards to safeguard the data it gathers and makes accessible through its websites. continually evaluates its security protocols and updates them when new technologies become practical.

7. to deliver online alerts about services, products, and programs, strictly enforces its Opt-Out policy. You can modify your communication preferences by checking your registration. Sign in first. You can then modify your preferences.

8. You have the option of immediately editing your personal contact information in the Membership ID system or by getting in touch with your regional REALTOR® association.

9. According to agreements between and the advertising network, certain of our Web sites feature advertisements placed by advertising networks. The website will not be held liable for the actions of these third parties because it has no control over its websites, its information gathering procedures, or the advertising networks they use. When you click on banner adverts that appear on our sites, the advertising network utilizes cookies to collect certain non-personally identifiable information. The advertising network gathers this data to evaluate and report on the advertising to advertisers and The advertising network may also combine the data for other reporting and statistical needs.

10. Do-Not-Track Disclosure: Some browsers offer a “Do Not Track” function that lets you inform websites that you do not want the websites to track your online activities. Do Not Track our system currently ignores requests or headers from some or all browsers.

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